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C&I Container

Nov 01 2016

  • The ice making container consists of complete block ice-making unit and a refrigerator

  • Ice blocks produced are crystal ice in standard dimensions, 15kg weight

  • Comes with appropriate chassis and completely mobile

  • Special space for working on the power generator



Apart from food industries, this system can be used in the following fields of activity:

  • Field kitchens

  • Concrete industries

  • Building bridges, roads, dams, etc.

  • Fishing, hunting and the related industries

  • Fish markets and fishing stations

  • Slaughterhouses and related packing industries

  • Meat processing industries (chicken, sausage, salami, etc.)



  • Can produce 800kg up to 3000kg of block ice in 24 hours (in two shifts, depending on machine capacity)

  • Stainless steel or galvanized ice tank with appropriate thickness

  • High pressure cupper tube coils

  • Polyurethane sandwich panel container body (density 40kg/m3)

  • Water treatment system (filter and UV)

  • Mechanical and electrical controllers are a selection of the best products from Japanese or European producers

  • Electrical controllers on control panel, bimetals and contactors are a selection of the best products from Japanese or European producers

  • 15kg galvanized ice moulds (stainless steel mould available on request)

  • Container body can be custom made from fortified and shadow-lined sheets

  • Cold room and ice machine in one place




  • Quick portability

  • Can run with a generator (optional)

  • Hygienic body

  • Element equipped ice tank (for ice discharge)

  • Dedicated space for sending ice to cold room

  • Easy to operate

  • Comes with all necessary security systems 

  • Easier portability of ice blocks due to smaller ice block size