Aug 19 2016

Parts of Ghasreyakh Co.’s activities in Iran:

Ministry of Energy Training and Research Institute refrigeration

Islamic Azad University, Shahrood

4000 ton Shahin refrigeration, Urmia, Iran

Kowsar Medical Complex refrigeration, Tehran

Institute of Training, Research and Operational Consultancy for Tourism refrigeration

Jaber Ebne Hayyan Pharmaceutics cold rooms 

Ramhormoz healthcare center refrigeration

Bandar Abbas healthcare center refrigeration

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province healthcare center refrigeration

Tehran central hospital

Mashhad Heights Hotel 

Mashhad Toos Tourist Hotel

National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company

Minab white pearl shrimp and fish processing refrigeration and freezing tunnel

National Gas Company-Aghajari

Shiraz, Darab

Tehran municipality, district 6

Technical and Vocational Training Organization, Tehran

Technical and Vocational Training Organization, Urmia

Technical and Vocational Training Organization, Kashan

ETKA chain stores, Ardabil

ETKA chain stores, Bandar Abbas

Ice making and refrigeration systems, Bahregan region Iran Offshore Oil

Construction of 6 units of container refrigeration, Bahregan region Iran Offshore Oil

Siri Island ice making machine

Iran Insurance Co refrigeration

Golestan hospital

Fateme (S) Organization for Registration, Qazvin municipality

Miandoab Fruit refrigeration

Islamabad Gharb Penitentiary (Payest Sazeh Gharb Co.)

Majidieh Fruit and Vegetables Centre (Pars Alamoot Co.)

Darbon Chain Store (Shahrak e Gharb)

Ansar Al Hossein Hosseiniyeh

Construction of refrigeration on barges (logistics vessel for oil rigs)

Pasteur Institute, Tehran

Pasteur Institute, Karaj

Mahram food industries refrigeration

Top Carpet Factory chiller and ice bank

Borhan Darya Kish marine vessels refrigeration systems

Arvand free zone container refrigeration system

Golbahar Silk Road Vegetable oil processing company refrigeration

Sardar Jangal Fruit and Vegetables Center refrigeration center (Jahad Water and Energy Research Centre)

Ghale Morghi Fruit and Vegetables refrigeration center (Zyggurat)

Karoon Fruit and Vegetables Center refrigeration center (Aryan Armeh)

Makian Daru refrigerations center

Mam Shimi refrigeration

Projects performed for Iran Air:

Mehrabad Airport catering refrigeration systems

Mehrabad Airport catering blast freezer

IKA Airport catering refrigeration systems

Homa Club refrigeration systems

IKA Airport general items refrigeration systems

Iran Air administration offices refrigeration systems management

Iran Air dry ice management systems

Samples of container ice making projects made by Ghasreyakh Co.:

Mobile cube ice maker container-500kg capacity (36 units)

Ice maker container-2700kg capacity (Zahedan province)

Ice maker container-1050kg capacity (Lavan Iseland)

Ice maker container-2640kg capacity (Chabahar, 2 units)

Ice maker container-1050kg capacity (Manjil)

Ice maker container-2640kg capacity (Sirjan)

Ice maker container-1800kg capacity (Ahvaz)

Samples of projects made by Ghasreyakh Co.:

Ice making machine, 4000kg, Khark Iseland-2units)

Ice making machine, 2700kg, Jask Iseland

Ice making machine, 5250kg, Sirjan

Ice making machine, 12800kg Bushehr

Ice making machine, 1700kg Hassan Rood

Ice making machine, 1700kg, Bandar Anzali

Ice making machine, 1700kg Rasht

Ice making machine, 12800kg, Behbahan

Ice making machine, 5250kg, Mahshahr

Ice making machine, 3850kg, Bushehr

Ice making machine, 7500kg, Bandar Abbas

Ice making machine, 5250kg, Khark Island

Ice making machine, 5250kg, Zahedan