ice factory

Aug 19 2016

 Block ice-machine consists of a complete set to produce crystal ice. The process involved is brine system, which is a set of moulds in a tank.

⦁ Ice blocks produced weigh 15-25kg

⦁ The whole system is unified and portable with a convenient chassis


⦁ Stainless steel with colour or galvanized coating inside brine tank

⦁ Chassis and frames made of studs, stainless steel profiles and colour coated finish

⦁ Polycarbonate or EPS insulation to minimize heat exchange

⦁ Coils made of high pressure or seamless steel copper tube pipe with cooling level equivalent to the pool watershed level for cooling off the brine

⦁ Unified galvanized or stainless steel coating for the whole unit

⦁ Equipped to filler and tilter systems

⦁ Equipped to a crane and relevant frame

⦁ Equipped to a complete package of high end cooling system (air-liquid)

⦁ Working with Ammonia or Freon

⦁ Refrigerating system offered as a unit, a compact unit or split packages

⦁ Best quality electrical and mechanical controllers, made by Japanese or European producers

⦁ Electrical and mechanical parts in control panels, contactors and bimetals are made by a major producer from Japan or European company

⦁ Galvanized or stainless steel ice moulds in different sizes with appropriate thickness

Applications of ice making machine:

⦁ Concrete industry

⦁ Hunting, fishing and the related industries

⦁ Slaughterhouses, packing industries, etc.

⦁ Meat processing industries (chicken, sausage, salami, etc.)

⦁ Transportation industries and handling perishable items (meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, etc.)


⦁ Quick transportability

⦁ Can work in the worst weather condition

⦁ Defrost pool Equipped to a thermostat for quick discharge 

⦁ Simple ice making process

⦁ Durable machine and ice moulds

⦁ Proper insulation and prevention of the loss of cold

⦁ Portability without the need to disassemble/assembling the refrigerating systems components and equipments

⦁ Can be tailor made based on customer requirements

Specifications of the system:

The internal body of the Brine tank is made up of steel sheets with anti-dust and final paint coats and painting and/or galvanized sheets

The chassis and frame is built of steel profiles with anti-dust and final paint coats isolator for preventing cooling sheets

Coil (evaporator) made of high pressure copper tubes and/or seamless steel tubes with essential cooling surface needed for cooling Brine and related water inside immerged cubic forms

The total coat of plates is colored galvanized sheets or stainless with suitable thickness

Equipped with fillers and tilters system

Equipped with cranes and relevant frames

Condensing system is equipped with complete package or complete unit of air or water system

Ammonium, Freon

Cooling system as unit or split or full package

Mechanical and electrical controls are made from high quality materials and famous brands of European countries, Japan

Electric controllers of control panels, contractors and bimetals, are manufactured and produced in well- known companies from Japan and Europe...

The ice-cubes molds are made up of galvanized or stainless steel sheets whit suitable thickness