Automatic ice machine

Aug 19 2016



⦁ This automatic machine consists of two parts: ice maker unit (a flake ice maker) and compactor unit (to compress flake ice into a mould)

⦁ Healthy product (i.e. ice blocks) due to water purification systems (filter and UV) 

⦁ Fully automatic ice making process, complete elimination of human interference

⦁ Can be Equipped to separate packing unit 

⦁ Hydraulic compactor 

⦁ Very fine quality of ice produced by this machine in respect of type, durability and lines between compressed components

⦁ Ice blocks dimensions up to 245x245x500cm. Ice blocks may have different heights up to 500cm

⦁ Up to 10-25 metric tons of ice in 24 hours

⦁ Imported main parts, all made by major manufacturers from Japan and/or Europe. Energy efficient. 

⦁ Minimum space required 5.4x5.4x5.0m

⦁ Stainless steel, grade 304 HACCP certified flake ice maker drum


This machine may also be used in the following industries:

⦁ Concrete industries

⦁ Fishing, hunting and the related industries

⦁ Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

⦁ Fish markets and fishing stations

⦁ Slaughterhouses and related packing industries

⦁ Production of bread and pastries

⦁ Meat processing industries (chicken, sausage, salami, etc.)

⦁ Handling and transportation of perishable items (meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc.)



Besides completely hygienic product due to elimination of human interference and purified water, this automatic block ice maker has the following benefits:

⦁ Complete elimination of brine reservoir

⦁ Complete elimination of brine 

⦁ Complete elimination of metallic moulds

⦁ Complete elimination of any cranes and the columns

⦁ Complete elimination of fillers, melters and tilters

⦁ Complete elimination of coils or evaporators immersing in the brine

⦁ Complete elimination of the mixer system

⦁ Complete elimination of space required by the items mentioned

⦁ Saving space in the whole production site due to elimination of items mentioned

⦁ Smaller control panel, power panel and using less cables

⦁ Smaller production area required 

⦁ Saving water due to reducing spill-overs and defrost

⦁ Neat and clean workspace