cold room & freezing tunnel

Aug 19 2016

Constant needs to preserve food stuff and other perishables have always been there through the history. Eventually, mankind realized that cold temperatures has the ability to preserve such perishables as food for longer times than normal conditions. Nowadays, refrigerators and chilling systems are inevitable needs of our lives and the industry is constantly growing.
In Ghasreyakh Co. we have proudly spent 35 years of successful activity in refrigeration industry. In Ghasreyakh Co., one of the most important mentalities are to use the best to reach for the best; so we use best material from foreign and domestic sources and mix it with the best methods of refrigeration to make our products. To meet this end, we eagerly cooperate with professional foreign companies and have proved to have a special place in the refrigeration industry.
We produce three types of refrigerators: container, mobile and fixed. Assessments for making a refrigerator are based on the climate of the location, engineering calculations and experimental measures. We utilize the latest technology and materials from the best producers of domestic and foreign origin. Some characteristics of our products are:


  • Refrigerator body made from sandwich panels or traditionally produced body

  • Refrigeration systems cores made by the most trusted producers in the world

  • Air-water or evaporative condensers

  • Thermo-disk equipped operators

  • Digital control panels with the most reliable components and electronic devices

  • Capability to operate on ships and sea vessels