about us

Aug 19 2016


Whether your project needs estimation or supervision on installation, or you need to implement a project or you are in need of any type of refrigeration system, Ghasreyakh Co. is proud to share their 35 years of experience with you and your project. Here in Ghasreyakh Co, we utilize the best of the refrigeration industry for all services we offer. Our range of services includes:

⦁ Various sizes and capacities of fixed and mobile refrigerators for temperatures bellows or above 0°C (injected polyurethane sandwich panels) 

⦁ Ice makers in different capacities, manufactured in high quality with the best parts (brine system, ice block sizes 15-25kg, daily output capacity 1-100mteric tons) 

⦁ Block ice making container with ice storage 

⦁ Refrigeration containers (below and above 0°C)

⦁ Quick freeze tunnel for meat, poultry, fish, etc.

⦁ Various types of marine refrigeration systems

⦁ kube-ice machine (50-500kg/24hours)

⦁ Various types of ice moulds (galvanized and steel in custom sizes)

⦁ Estimation, consultation and implementation of refrigeration systems

⦁ Ice banks in various sizes (to minimize power consumption)